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Post-pandemic life is creating an unprecedented burst of creativity and change. New priorities, locations, careers and jobs fill the news. And, I’ve joined the club. However, instead of undertaking the United States historical westward expansion, I’m moving east. I call it my eastward career expansion journey.

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Eastward Journey Decision

After over a year working from home, my wife and I made the decision to move east to be closer to family – the greater Philadelphia area. Moreover, we’ve lived in most areas of the United States: Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona and then Washington state. However, never in the northeast. Now, that has changed. And, new experiences await us as we embark on our eastward journey. For now we’ve moved to temporary lodging in Newtown Square and will soon move into our “new” (circa 1959) house in Elkins Park, just outside of Philadelphia.

Map showing the places where Robert has lived.

Southeast – Midwest – Southwest – Northwest – Northeast Career Journey

All this brings me to my eastward career expansion journey. After six and half years with Expedia Group, it’s time for my next career destination. Recently, Expedia Group announced their office-return policy, starting in September. Given my official office location is Seattle, commuting 2800 miles to work each week is not feasible, at least not without using a business jet. And, that is not in my budget. Consequently, I’ll be wrapping up my commitments and exploring new paths in the coming weeks.

In 2014, when was I interviewing with the company, I wrote the original version of Breaking Traditional Career Chains. After reading it again, the article serves a prescient reminder on how to be flexible and change when the moment arrives. My eastward career expansion journey implies: a new location, expanding my skills and experiences and the idea that a career is not a destination but a continuous trip into the future.

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Career Journey Options

As the summer progresses I’m looking forward to exploring a variety of career journey options. My core skills remain as program and project management with extended skills in product portfolio management, creative multimedia, facilitation and coaching. So far, my career journey includes the aerospace, travel and energy industries. Perhaps my next stops may include retail or mass media. Moreover, I’m happily flexible regarding engagement journey options including:

  • Full time
  • Contracting
  • Consulting
  • In-office Philadelphia
  • Remote
  • Part-time commuting to other cities

Beyond the obvious options, I’m even available for informal or formal co-working arrangements to help companies tap into Philadelphia’s talent market – one of the most diverse in the United States.

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Traveling Alongside Me On My Eastward Career Expansion Journey

I’m grateful to everyone traveling alongside me as I explore next steps. However, I can always use more networking help. If you have leads, please contact me directly and we can chat.

Finally, my best wishes to all of us as we navigate our post-pandemic future. I hope we all arrive at new happy destinations.